Are there known issues with Pixel Mapping on Windows 10 Nomad

Hi guys,


I'm running into install issues with Pixel Mapping on Windows 10.


The progress bar doesn't move at all, just sits at the start and doesn't seem to be doing anything at all.


I had to force quit, then loaded into EOS to see if anything had happened. It seems the PNG default content plays fine, but nothing else will load.


Any ideas of where to look?




  • In reply to saranow:

    Thanks Sasha,

    Managed to get it figured out! My backup software was interfering with the install, even though I had it set to not auto start on startup. Once i uninstalled that, everything ran as expected.

    Massive thanks to all those who jumped in and got me pointing in the right direction!

  • In reply to Braden De La Rue:

    Hi Brad:

    So glad to hear it is working. Thanks also for coming back to tell us the solution, in case it helps anyone else in the future.

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