Trouble networking a new Ion into an existing system.

I'll try to be as specific as I can because I've been working on this problem for weeks and I can't seem to get it. I'm having a difficult time getting all of my hardware to talk to each other.  

My theater recently purchased a new Ion to replace an existing Stand console. The existing system in the space consists of a series of Strand N21 DMX nodes (see link below) in each pocket, on the catwalk, and on each electric. A Total of maybe 2 dozen nodes. There is another N21 node located up by the console that allows connection to the rest of the system. These N21 nodes however are only compatible with Show Net so we also purchased a new Strand DMX node that is compatible with sACN, Art Net, and Show Net, among others. (see link below) 

With some help from ETC's tech support I've managed to get the new node networked to the Ion. In the networking tab it shows that it is online and it can be pinged successfully. 

That is the current state of affairs. Now the end goal is to have all of the nodes talking to the console and be able to set up different universes for each area and each electric. Each universe would accommodate around 3 nodes for a total of maybe 8 universes.

I don't know how to proceed forward to get this set up, the networking stuff is all fairly new to me as I did not set up the last system. 

Here are some links to the products we're using. 

Strand N21 DMX node:

Strand DMX 512 Rack mount node:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!