Fixture Request: Arri L7C & L5C

Can you please amend the tint parameter of Arri's L7C & L5C to match that of the Arri Skypannel S60? As it is right now, the tint on the L series fixtures are 0-65535. 0-5000 being no tint and 5001-65535 being full minus green through full plus green. This should be a range of -100% through 100% mapped to 65535-5001 with 35275 being the home value at 0%.


Another thing that might be a bit nit picky, but for the sake of consistency; The L5C is the only profile that has it's modes labeled P.001, P.002, etc. While the rest of the Arri product line uses M1, M2, M3, etc to denote their modes.

Also would it be possible to have the fixture edit list not jump back to the top when you return from editing a fixture? This just gets annoying when trying to compare custom profiles.