EOS RPU (classic)

 What is the expected lifespan for a EOS RPU classic (P/N 4250A1012)?

  • The RPU is basically a computer, so forever.
  • We design our consoles with industrial components to provide a long service life. Over ten years of use is not uncommon. Of course, the use of the device can change the anticipated service life – the wear and tear that a device sees on a tour that changes venues daily will be much different than a device that has remained in a single control booth throughout its service life. Periodic cleaning and maintenance also play a part in expected service life.
  • My Theater is owner of two Transtechnik NTX Booster.
    Thats the Forversion of the NTX RPU.

    Now they be nearby 10-15 years old.
    And they work like be new.

    I think a EOS RPU is not far away from that...
  • In reply to Hans.Hinrichsen:

    I don't see any reason why it can't be fixed if it does break.
    Much like my grandfather's axe (The handle wore out so I replaced the handle. Then the head wore out so I replaced the head.)
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