What does legacy mean for my Ion?

What does it mean for my Ion, now that it is considered a legacy product? Will I continue to receive OS updates? What is affected?


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  • there are different hardware generations of Ion running different operating systems (that's not the same as software updates...).

    there are functions that the underlying windows supports or doesn't support, like that win winXP you don't get multitouch. on the Eos software side the only restrictions currently are in what accessories, i.e. fader wings work or don't work because some of the drivers aren't available for the older operating system.

    from what i know, regarding console functions there is currently nothing that doesn't work on an old ion (except that it might be a bit slower). the first feature that winXP doesn't support will come in 2.7. that's not true for all Ions but rather for all consoles running winXP.

    if your ion runs win7 you're in the safe side. winXP will not be able to keep up with everything, but should still get updates. if you're ion runs winXP you can pay ETC to have its hardware and operating system upgraded.
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    the first feature that winXP doesn't support will come in 2.7.


    Which features will not be supported by the XP Ion?

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    the on board manual
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    In general, "Legacy" means a product is no longer actively marketed or sold, which is the case with Ion, as it has been replaced with Ion Xe. All legacy products are still supported. Some may have continuing software development available (such as Ion and Eos Classic) and others may not (such as Expression and Obsession).

    Hope that helps.
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