Autostart via RTC

I wanne fire a Start up Cue via RTC.
Eventlist 1:
Typ:RTC  Intern: ON

Event 1:
Time 19:50 Date: 14 and 16.  Feb.

Okay, i can say Date 14 Date 16 Enter, but then i only get the 16.
Also possible:
Date 14 Date 16 Date 31 Month 2.
So then i get, my Event starts at 31.Feb. at 19:50.
If i try Date 20 Date 10, i get the 10 as my shown date. So it seams the last value is used?

I think thats is a little bit wrong or strange....
(If i try a Time like 25:66 i get  a correct Faultmessage, Time is incorrect.)