Autostart via RTC

I wanne fire a Start up Cue via RTC.
Eventlist 1:
Typ:RTC  Intern: ON

Event 1:
Time 19:50 Date: 14 and 16.  Feb.

Okay, i can say Date 14 Date 16 Enter, but then i only get the 16.
Also possible:
Date 14 Date 16 Date 31 Month 2.
So then i get, my Event starts at 31.Feb. at 19:50.
If i try Date 20 Date 10, i get the 10 as my shown date. So it seams the last value is used?

I think thats is a little bit wrong or strange....
(If i try a Time like 25:66 i get  a correct Faultmessage, Time is incorrect.)

  • This would be a good feature request (allowing multiple dates) - I've passed this on to the team.

    The show control user guide specifically gives examples for multiple days (Mon-Tues-Fri, for example), but not multiple dates. The console may not have ever supported multiple dates - I checked version 2.3.3 and a very recent development version and neither supported it. (Thus a feature request).

    The February 31st thing is also on the list as SCR 15674. Indeed, the console should enforce how many days are in each month.

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    Could you also pass along to the team that it would be great if the Real Time Clock list could sort by date first? It currently sorts by time first. If you have a long list of events that need to be triggered (a rehearsal schedule spanning several days for instance) the list becomes very frustrating to try to proofread since the events for each day aren't listed sequentially.

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    Hello Hans

    Yes, the Mon,. Tue, Wed,.... i found.
    But normaly my shows are not on a special weekday they are at a special date.
    So the Solution use weekdays is good. But for me not really helpfull.
    I think the most Theatershows are on a Date and not on a Weekday.
    And the Option play a show at 31.Feb made my Chief happy,.... but i wanne still have a day off at this date...*ggg*

    The workaround now is, make for every day i need an own Event with his own Time, Date, Action.

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