Software Change Request - "Purge"

Hey All,


I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this:

Sometimes you inherit a showfile that has extraneous pallets and presets within it. Maybe there wasn’t time to review and trim the fat? For whatever reason, it’s on your plate as is. Fat and all.

In a touring or remount situation, time can get critical and it’s important to modify only what is used. (At least as a start.) Right?

Rather than learning what is and is not used and deleting one by one. I believe a  “purge all unused pallets and presets” kind of script would be a valuable time saving idea.

Maybe you could select "Purge" and be able to sub-select Beam Pallets, Color pallets, Presets, etc. to add some versatility to it.  Similar to merging specifics from a separate showfile.  

It would need to live somewhere where some digging would be required to access it.  The same way you have to dig a little to select the "Patch 1 to 1" feature.