Running 2 cues simultaneous

Wondering if there is a way to run 2 cues at the same time, to do the following. Want to take the next cue with a quick fade up on intensity, but I want my movers to change position slower than I want the intensity on a different set of lights to go up. Basically I want a 1 second intensity build but want my fixtures to move over 3 seconds, can I do that on a single cue?

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  • you can run cues simultaneously and as long as they don't contradict each other that will work.

    but to bring up the intensity of channel 2 in 1 second and have channel 4's position change in 3 seconds you don't need to cues:
    Cue 5 Time 1 Time Time 3 Enter
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    I will give that a shot, thank you. What are you telling the board by hitting "time time?" Is that a non intensity parameter change time?
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    the command line tells you.

    Time = everything
    Time Time = Down Time
    Time Time Time = Focus Time
    Time Time Time Time = Color Time
    Time Time Time Time Time = Beam Time

    you can also use:
    Cue 5 Time 1 Focus Time 3 Enter. you can get Focus in the parameter tiles in the CIA or with Shift+Focus
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