Certain fixtures randomly changing colors after update


I recently updated my etc element from version 2.1 to the newest version 2.6 I believe ( I just got it off the website). After the update some of my fixtures have been doing weird things. I have 4 seachangers attached to source 4s that will randomly change colors thought a show. I am also unable to fully control a set of vivid fire and ice fixtures. They can only do one color. I have not changed anything on the board and I added a DMX Terminator just to be sure but that didn't help. Everything else in the DMX line works except these fixtures. Any ideas as why this could be happening? Thanks for any assistance.

Also I do not want to down grade my version to an older one. That is a last resort

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  • Have you checked that the correct fixture profile is selected in patch after the upgrade? I am only guessing here but it is a place to start.
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    I am relatively new with the etc element. How do I correct a fixture profile?

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    I think what Geoff is suggesting is checking that the patch uses the correct profile. With the updated software you got a completely updated fixture library.

    Dig out the manual for the fixture and determine which 'mode' you are using. Typically that determines what addresses do what functions. Then in patch look for the different modes in the library and set your channels to use that.

    You can actually edit a library profile by copying it and editing the copy. Show files contain the profiles used in itself. Old files will use an old profile so you have to repatch to get any corrections. They do that to avoid the issue you are having, so I suspect there is something else going on. Are you using a new file or an old one?
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    What Rick said.
    Another thing you could do to learn how it all works is to watch the ETC videos on YouTube. These are some of the best videos for learning how the ETC products work and best of all they are free to use.
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