How do I identify unused fixtures in a system?

I need to identify unused fixtures in my system for possible re-purposing.  Is there an easy way to do that?

  • you mean like not used in a cue so you can refocus and use in a new cue?
  • Yes. Like not used in any cues and available for other use.
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    I'm not in front of a console at the moment, but I think you can use Query:
    Type [Query] {Isn't in} [Cue] ['Number of first Cue'] [Thru][Thru][Enter].

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    or you can simply just press [Flexi] until your "Live table" tab displays "Show channels" (labeled in upper right corner of your monitor), where only used channels are shown... everything you have patched and you don't see in there, is currently unused by your show ... just don't forget to scroll down if there are more than one page of used channels ;) :)
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    Great, I'll give this a try. Just checking--is this data based on the internal move orders on these unused channels, or their actual use? Like, if you tried it, didn't like it, took it out, and then never used it, would it show up as used or unused?
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    Of the two methods, the one with the least searching and fastest discovery is ChrDuda's, and we got through 200 channels in about 10 minutes. Very helpful and thank you to both of you for your assistance!
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    yes, query will give you exact answer on your search term, while this "flexi" metod - though it does provide info about unused channels by simply not displaying them- is more useful to "reduce" the amount of displayed data, making it more transparent ...
    for instance, if you have a lot of patched channels occupying multiple DMX universes and are in expanded table view (to monitor ML parameters data), "Show channels" display will dramatically reduce the need for scrolling across your channel range and easier to monitor ...
    but there's slight "nag" about it... using the [Next] key will always select "next used" channel and not "next by patch". so, if you want to set level on yet unused channel that is patched next to the one of used you were just adjusting, you'll have to type its number...
  • The "Channels in use" Tab (CIU) is designed specifically for this. Tab 32.

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    Yes hydrogen is correct

    From the manual (2.3 supplement)

    Channels in Use
    A Channels in Use display has been added. It displays the following information for each channel:
    Number of cue lists the channel appears in. Number of cues the channel appears in. Number of cue moves from zero.
    Number of submasters that channel appears in. Maximum channel level
    To open the Channels in Use display, click on the {CIU} icon in the home screen or press [Tab] + [3][2].
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    great... I have to say that I havent found this tab yet... :)
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    Not sure if you have found the tab or not but in the picture the 5th icon along at the bottom is the one you want

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    O, what I meant was that I haven't open it yet... cause frankly, I never specifically looked for unused channel...

    when you work with only 200 tungsten fixtures, 40 ML fixtures and you are the one who focuses them, works on the console and design the light, you know what is used and on to what is focused... ;)
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    Thanks! I'm working on what will be a touring show, from a very broad brush design plot, so honing what will be touring docs about the simplest and streamlined approach for multiple and diverse venues. This discussion was incredibly helpful in accomplishing that.
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    You're the best, thank you!
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