Display issues in Magic Sheets on Backup Console.

I did also post some of this over in the 2.6.4 feedback forum but didn't get a response so I'm not sure if it was noted.

I'm having some problems with the colour display on Magic Sheet channel objects on a backup console.

Setup:  Ion (Classic) running as Master.  Gio running as backup.  Eos 2.6.4.

I have a number of magic sheet channel objects that are tied to the colour of the fixture they represent.  (Silver band in the editor.)  

Two main issues:  

  1. When I change colour with a time, the objects on the magic sheet snap to the colour instead of fading.
  2. When I apply a colour palette that has the fixtures in multiple colours (my "Rainbow" Palette, for example) all of the fixtures appear in the colour of the highest numbered fixture instead of their actual colour.

These issues don't happen in the same magic sheet on the Master console, so I'm assuming it's because the Gio is the Backup.  I can reconfigure to make the Gio the Master for now to avoid the problem but it was nice to have the network topology that way round.