Greyed out scroller value

Hello! Trying to solve an issue when a scroller value became disassociated with the cue stack somehow. The behavior is such-

Light and scroller are used in previous cues, last it is in frame 5. Push go on the next cue. It goes out. Marks to frame 9. The scroller value switches to grey color when the mark is complete. The source of the value also disappears when the mark is complete. The intensity part of the channel behaves normally and does not lose its source.

Things of note-

Theres no N for null in the channel

The values show up in blind not in grey

Going to cue out does home the scroller back to frame 1 even if its grey

Forcing a scroller value to be recorded into a cue does not take. @Enter update track does not take.

It is not in a color palette

It seems to be patched in the same manner as the rest

The cue that marks it and turns it grey has a full block, but no soft block on this channel. Other scrollers are doing the same mark move and they are fine.

Channel is not GM Exempt