offset in Patch


i tryed on v2.6.3 and v2.6.4 to do the following:


ch1 thr 10 type GLP x4 normal mode @ 1 offset 5


If i use dimmers instead, it will work, but in this case it isn't working.


I know that it worked once... Did i missed something?




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  • The GLP x4 takes more than 5 addresses. You can't offset it 5 when it takes at least 14 addresses... If you want to run it in compressed mode 14 addresses and you want 5 empty addresses between each one then you want offset 19.
  • In reply to Druuka:

    Hey Andrew,
    i totaly forgot about that little thing that i have to count the Fixture-range to my offset.

    Thanks for the remainder.
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