I can't find the Lamp Controls for a Custom Fixture

In a show using my Nomad on PC, I've made a custom profile for an LED moving spot. In the patch I have under 'Lamp Controls' (labels and values are from the manual of the fixture):

Min          Max           User Min        User Max              Label
0             20             0                   1                          N/C
21           90             2                   3                          Pan/Tilt Reset
91           160           4                   5                          Lamp Reset
161         255           6                   7                          Global Fixture Reset

However when I'm in live and click on the 'Lamp Controls' button in the 'about' menu, I don't see anything listed at all. I originally had the parameter under 'global fixture reset' but that wasn't doing anything either. Am I missing something? Do I need to change the User Min/User Max values?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • when editing the fixture profile, you probably added a parameter from the control category and put ranges in it? you don't need the ranges. after you added the parameter you press the softkey LampCtrls and add your three resets there. most resets require a timing component, sometimes on more than one parameter. this is behaviour that's supported in lampcontrols but wouldn't be available if done through the ranges.