ETC Ion Application error

Lately I have been getting an error on shutdown. It is our church board, so I am not the only user and don't know if it started showing up after an update or not. This is what I get


ETCSNTP.exe - Application error

The instruction at "0x0012e844" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written."

Click on ok to terminate the program.


This will show up after I click on shutdown after clean exit. If I do not click ok, the board will still shut itself down after about 30 seconds. What is this and is it something we need to be concerned about? I am not sure if it happening to the other techs, but it happens to me every time, so I assume it is.

  • Hi Brink,

    what Eos Family Software is running on this Ion? You can find the Eos Software Version by pressing the ABOUT Button on the Facepanel when in the application.
    I think the best solution also is to save the logfiles from the console and send to Service (a--t---)etcconnect (d...o-t) com with this Information, and the will get back to you with more Information and possible a solution to the problem.

  • It's not something to be concerned about.
    This was a known issue in a very old version of the ETC Network Services "Time Service" component.

    If you don't use Ethernet networking, simply turn off the "Time Service" in the shell's Settings.

    Otherwise, make sure your Eos software is up to date, and then install the latest version of "ETC Concert" from the ETC website to update the network services.