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When programming I noticed that all of the sudden a Yellow Question Mark showed up next to the tombstones on the display and it shows being an Off Line error, am not sure how I managed to do it and how to fix it, any suggestions please? Thank you

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  • Thats Dimmer/RDM Feedback Error. Are you using a Sensor Rack - it’s possible that channel is gone? Or a fixture via RDM is no longer available.
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    Hi and thank you for a very quick reply, yes I use Sensor rack. With or without the question mark am still able to use the fixtures, just few minutes ago again while programming some fixtures showed question marks on the tombstones on the console monitor, so far i don't recall pressing any other buttons other than whats needed to create cues ... I find this a bit strange ... the Sensor Rack shows an error "Port A Off line". How do i put the fixtures back on line so these question marks go away? Thank you again.
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    Well the Error "Port A Offline" - should mean that DMX A is gone. Most likley you are controlling the racks
    via DMX and Network, and now one of those two cable paths has an issue - so that you can still control, but you get no feedback.
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