"Undo" loses data

Either I've had a massive brain freeze (entirely possible), or I've found a serious bug in 2.7.  Whole blocks of cues are disappearing. It seems to be related to "Undo".

The first time it happened, I  assumed it was PEBKAC, but it happened 3 or 4 more times. I know the cues were written, because I was able to restore them  from previously-saved show files.  I don't know if other data are erased.

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  • Jeff,

    If you haven't already, export the console logs (File > Export >Logs) and send the zip file to tech service:


    That will help them diagnose the problem, especially if you can provide the time that the errors occurred.

    Also, more information about your system would help - which console, is the console a backup or master, any unusual devices or networking setups, etc.

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  • Had the same thing happen on a show last week.

    Running the latest 2.7.0 on a new Eos Ti.

    Did a two step undo, the two actions I was undoing had nothing to do with cues, recording cues, etc. After the undo, I noticed I lost about 13 cues. Like with the OP, I was able restore the missing cues from a previous save.

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to the console to get logs. It did only happen once, & I didn't have any problems for the rest of the Production.


  • We have just had the same thing happen three times during a plotting session. The issue is certainly related to the undo command.

  • This happened to me twice today too. It changed the patch as well, reversing patch changes made earlier in the day. Not exactly sure, but in my case it seemed to roll back to a state about 3 saves previous. I'll try to get console logs to tech service.
  • In reply to kfraser:

    Thanks for the reports of this undo problem. We have been actively working on it, but aren't able to reproduce it from the files we have. Whenever we undo, in a variety of scenarios, the undo always works correctly. We know the defect is happening from the log files we have received, we just cant reproduce it ourselves yet.

    If any of you have seen it, but haven't sent logs to eos@etcconnect.com yet, please do.

    Note the time the problem happened, and especially if you can reliably reproduce it, or if it just happens randomly on some of your undos.
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    This can't be fun for you.
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    Update for anyone seeing this thread - we believe that this problem is fixed in Eos 2.7.2 build 11 beta. This is currently in closed beta and will be moving to open beta soon. (community.etcconnect.com/.../eos_feedback)
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    Thanks to everyone at ETC for their work on this.
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