Max Showfile Size

What is the upper limit to a showfile size for it to reliably run on a desk? I know many people have a large base file that they pick and choose what aspects they want on a per show basis, but ballpark, what's the biggest show file that I should load on a console?

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  • The answer is, as you might imagine, "it depends". It is not so much the size of the file on the hard drive as it is the content in the showfile and interactions between them.
    Further complicating it, the desks in the family have slightly different capacities. A Ti is going to be able to handle a "bigger" file than an Eos classic or Element console.
    All these are relative terms - if you do suspect a showfile is getting too big, you can always reach out to Tech Services, let them know what you are seeing, and we'll see what might be going on.
    Finally - don't forget about the nifty merge function. You don't necessarily need to open the base file every time and use it in its entirety. Instead, consider merging in exactly the elements you want to bring in, and that will keep any extra content away from the file to begin with.
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