Eos 2.7.0, Undo, and Show File Issues

Hello all, 

A bug has been discovered in Eos 2.7.0 that affects undo and show file operations under certain circumstances. 

Thanks to the information gathered from the field, we have been able to pinpoint the cause and resolve it in 2.7.2 beta.

The fix is available in open beta as version 2.7.2 build 11. (If you are not a member of open beta, but wish to be, see Matt Pumplin's post on 2.7 open beta here with instructions: https://community.etcconnect.com/control_consoles/f/eos-family/25723/eos-v2-7-0-now-available-for-open-beta

For those who cannot upgrade to beta, the workaround is to not open Tab 100 (the onboard manual) in version 2.7.0 or 2.7.1. If you have opened the manual tab, simply close the tab or exit and relaunch the software. After version 2.7.2 is installed, you can freely open the manual tab.

Thank you again to all that reported the issue -- we take these kinds of issues very seriously and are working as quick as we can towards releasing 2.7.2 publicly.