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Anyone have any thoughts about the benefit of using the iPad app iRFR? It seems it hasn't been updated since Oct. 2107 or so. Do they still support it? Other thoughts?





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  • Yes, they do. Version 3.0.1 is currently in beta.

    oscRFR by Alien Stagecraft is an alternative.

    Or just get TouchOSC and create your own layouts (or use the one from the ETClabs Github), which is the cheapest option of the three.
    I use TouchOSC with selfmade layouts and as of yet, I am completely saftisfied.

  • what makes you think that an app that hasn't been updated for 8 month has been abandoned?
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    I think that's a fair question. It would seem to me that they would want to update something that is ever-changing like both apple iOS and ETC software. I think that's where I am misguided. It just seems if they were working on it some of the complaints would be addressed. Maybe that's not a fair conclusion to make.

    Do you guys use the iRFR or the iRFR classic?
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    i use the iRFR. the assumption goes wrong when you compare iRFR to another app. a big part of the further development of iRFR happens in the Eos software to change behaviour of the iRFR. so if you think of the app as portal that gets fed a part of its UI and big part of its capabilities from the console that might explain why things don't need to happen every two days.
    besides: there will be an update within the next few weeks.
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