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Looking at the vidoes and this board I realize I am way out of my depth and our setup here is really totally simplistic. To me a 3 channel RGB lamp with a DMX base address of say 10 would take up 10, 11 and 12. Without any fancy attribute/profile or whatever other gizmos I can raise/lower each of those faders to control the lamp. But I can see that modern fixtures can be very much more complicated and not only take up many single channels, sometimes pairing channels for extra definition and using some channels "portioned" or sub channeled for extra control. 

What threw me watching a video (which went way to fast for my poor old brain) was a lamp like the 3 color might be given an address (again) 10 But somehow the other two would appear like 2/241-242 !! Does this mean the lamp has two DMX inputs; U1 and U2?

This would be way too much for an explanation here so what I am looking for is a sort multicell 101 primer! As mentioned the videos run over stuff very quickly with buttons and screen changes going by in a blur. Is there a book or article out there that describes this sort of dual universe business for multichannel devices? "Dummies Guide to Multicell Patching" 

A lot to ask. My Bad!

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