Macros - Disable

Would love to have the ability to disable macros so they exist in showfile but won't run
toggle would be in macro list, and default for all macros would be set to enabled.

I've run across a few times when we don't want to delete a macro in a show, but don't want to accidentally trigger it, or it's in a cue and we don't want to link and unlink it.



  • Soloing the cuelist would be to radical because there is certain stuff that needs to fire?
  • You could use a macro like the one below,  which copies Macros 1 thru 5 to 600 thru 605  and then deletes them.

    You can write the reverse to copy them back.

    You would then have an enable and a disable macro. 

    (not the extra enters to confirm the overwrite on the copy and delete.