Element 40 Cue help

I work at a tv station. we just got an Element 40. Aside from lights to light talent we also use the board to change set light colors.
So our different shows will have different colors. For example:
Morning show - yellow
Midday show - blue
Late show - white
Breaking News - red
I have the concept of submasters down and have put these light setups on their own submasters and we switch between them by bringing one fader down and the other one up.
i'd like to be able to have these setups on hot keys. So you'd hit the breaking news hot key and it would bring down the current show lights and bring up the breaking news lights, just by pressing one button.
I've read through and made Cues but I have some questions.
It seems like cues are designed to run in sequence. That isn't really how we'll be using them. They will be more like setups you select when you need them.
I've adjusted the timing for the cues but it seems that if you use Go To Cue out of sequence it ignores the set down time and uses a default of 5 seconds. Is there a way to either change the default Go To Cue time or to have it respect the up and down times you've set for the cue?
Also, is there a way to put those cues at hot keys so light setups can be accessed with the push of a button as opposed to using the Go To Cue button? The people that will be changing these have other responsibilities and having labeled buttons available at arms reach to turn on and off light setups would be ideal.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • I do this for my theatre's house lights.
    It's simple.

    I created a few Macros and have them as Direct Selects.
    Record a macro for each Cue and label the Macro as the Look.
    Macro should be: [Goto_Cue] (?/?) [Time] [Enter]
    (using Time will tell the console to use the Cue's actual time instead of the default goto_Cue time)


    Edit: I just reread your question, and you can do the same thing with submasters if you wish. Your choice.

    If you were using Submasters 1-4, you'd need to write macros to fade down what was up and fade up what you want up.

    [Sub] 1 thru 4 [At] 0 [Time] 2 [Enter]

    [Sub] 1 [At] [Full] [Time] 1 [Enter]