Combine/merge Submaster

 Hey together,

A question about Submasters.

How can i combine/merge 2 or 3 submuster in to one submaster in "Blind" or/and editmode?



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  • The easiest way I can think of would be to create an empty Sub in Blind, say Sub 4 and then recall the data from the Subs you want to merge.

    For Example:

    [Blind][Sub][4][Enter] - Gets you into editmode for Sub 4
    [Group][Sub][2][Recall From][Sub][2][Enter] - Recalls the Data from Sub 2 for all Channels that have Data in it.
    [Group][Sub][3][Recall From][Sub][3][Enter] - Does the same for Sub 3.

    You could also copy Sub 2 to Sub 4 and then just recall the data from Sub 3. Whatever suits you best.
    If there's any conflicting data stored in both Subs, the data last recalled takes precedence of course.

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