Profile request: Astera AX1 4 pixel MC profile for RGB CCT DIM IND; error in RGB CCT DIM IND no strobe


I see that a profile was recently added to library for Astera AX1 tubes in RGB CCT DIM IND mode with 16 pixels, can you please make a multi cell fixture in this mode with four pixels?  I would use it as soon as it is available ;)  Both strobe and non-strobe versions would be ideal.

Also, there is an error in the single fixture profile AX1 Pixeltube RGB CCT DIM IND S [6].  This should be the version without any strobe parameters; it currently includes them and they can't be deleted manually.  (as of library

Lastly, the Color Mix parameter in these profiles ("color index" in the astera manual) is a gel selection mode for values DMX 004 and higher.  It would be great if the Eos profile showed what gels correspond to each value.


Matthew Rohn
Local 52