XP Ion completely useless on Window 7 System Show

I know you don’t really care about this anymore but wanted to send it on.

I tried to used an XP Ion as a client on a Windows 7 system show (RPU Primary & Ti Backup) and the Ion was completely unusable, due to the delay on the command line and displays. I couldn’t use it at all and we lost a couple of hours of cinema filming lighting time. When I tried the Ion in offline mode it worked as expected, slow but useable and much quicker then connected as a client.

I thought it was a network issue as we’re running on old PRG switches but I swapped out this to my personal 1 GB switch and this didn’t help.

In the end we needed to swap the Ion to a Win 7 Ion and this is working as expected.

The show was unfortunately upgraded to 2.7.2 over the last year which added some bugs into the show and maybe also added to the slowness.

  • Hi Nick,

    Would you be able to provide some more details as to the network setup and the tabs you had open and visible on the Ion Client in question?

    A showfile and logs around the time your were experiencing all of this would certainly help identify the bottle neck. I have experienced cases where the display and command line would hang on older consoles, but largely in situations where complex magic sheets are being displayed.

    Feel free to email them into tsuk@etcconnect.com and we can get to the bottom of this.

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