Personality Edit - D’Artagnan

Having some issues with the personality currently included for the Robert Juliat D’Artagnan ( ). Lamp On not keeping the fixture struck, not having shutter control, etc.

Any chance of the personality getting looked at so it plays a bit nicer with the fixture (and better matches the different control modes of the fixture)?

  • Hello,

       The manual provided in the link does not have a DMX chart with specific enough information for the Eos team to program a functioning fixture profile. Please link a DMX chart for this fixture so that the team may build these additional modes. 

       Specifically, the "Dimmer Master" plus "Dimmer" channels (in modes 2 and 4) suggests 16bit intensity. However, this does not add up with ch2 as MSB and ch1 as LSB as this would be backwards to most fixtures. Additionally, the "Lamp" channel does not have any DMX ranges provided on the manual for the team to know what DMX values are for Lamp On and what values are for Lamp Off. 



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