ETC iRFR issues

I have the iRFR (on dedicated iPod touch) for our congo jr. and one would assume it is very similar.

It works very well as a riggers remote and as a remote go button.

The only issue I have with it as sometimes the when connection is lost between device and router you completely lose control of the rig. Reconnecting does not regain control and any levels etc. that were being controlled by the remote cannot be overridden by the console (although HTP). It doesn't happen very often but it is a pain having to reboot the console.
At some point I'm going to put it on the etc forum and see what Anders et al have to say.

Apart from that it works a treat. Easy to set up with all good routers.

Does the aRFR support the Ion console now? I thought it was Eos and Congo consoles only? 

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  • Hey Martin! 

    Regarding iRFR: Are you using iRFR - BTS /LR or iRFR Classic?

    Regarding aRFR: There are two versions of the app on the Google Play Store—aRFR and aRFR Classic. aRFR supports all consoles in the Eos Family (as long as they are running 2.6.0 or higher) and aRFR Classic supports both Cobalt Family Consoles and Eos Family Consoles.

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