ETC IONxe addressing DMX directly and saving in a Que

First post here, so be gentle!! ...

I have some I have some 8 cell RGBW LED battens (ADJ Sweeper quads, running in 39ch mode)  in the show I'm doing, and they are set up in the fixtures correctly on an IONxe to run as channel 161 & 162 and they work fine as a whole unit... I also know that I can bring up (for example) a single DMX control on the 1st red cell of the first batten by punching in: 'Address' '1/168' '@' '100' 'enter'

However, is there a way of recording a DMX address at a given value to a que - eg:

'Address' '1/168' '@' '50' 'record' 'cue' '54'  ??

or does it have to be assigned to a channel to be able to be recorded?

I want to address each cell individually to be able to do a simple effect. (a car indicator effect) ... This idea has come about once the tech, dress and one show has been done, and so the 8 way battens are already programmed in - thus I done want to have to reprogram the entire show and also get my head around pixel mapping as there isn't the time!!!!

If it's not possible to directly address and program a DMX value to the que, then I will have to find an alternative solution by adding additional fixtures just for a 1 minute scene within a 2 hr show :(

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