GADGET DMX-Refreshrate - Problem with some China LED-PAR

After Update ETCnomand to 2.7.4 Build 12 and update Gatget to i got blinking LED-PARs.
If i put a DMX-Tester (E-Spion) between and make DMX-Refresh, the LED-PAR work well.
In the old Nomad Version I could change the Paramenter in the ETCnomad Shell \ Setup \ of the GADGET DMX-Refrechrate.
Now I can't find how to parameter the GADGET.

Same bevore I could activate RDM by ETCnomad Shell \ Setup \ - Now I only find that possibility in the Patch.
Maybe it is RDM? But how I can deactivate it? (Secound way, cause in the Patch I did allreaddy).

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