Convert a broken Ion Console into a Programming Wing for Nomad

Hi, in the theatre I work in we have two ION Consoles, one for in-house use and an older one for touring and backup. As it happens those two have been starting to get less and less reliable up to the point, where we can not really rely on either of them. As they both have problems with the boot-up and the theatre being on a tight budget, we have gotten ourselves a nomad system and since we found out that a thing like the Eos Programming Wing exists, we have been asking ourselves, if it would be possible to convert our broken IONs into a Programming Wing.

Has anyone done anything similar, or can anyone confirm that this is even possible?

any help is highly appreciated, thank you very much.

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  • I'd look at the sending the Ions off for a service and reimage, and if needed and you can find the funds a hardware upgrade for Win7. But even an older XP Ion should be reliable, if slow.

    Might only need a clean, a reimage, and perhaps a new hard-drive.

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