Eos Intelligent Lights Power Suppy

I'm fairly new to programming, so pardon me if this is a well-known problem/solution.

Our theatre primarily uses dimmers and Vivid 11 LED units. Our LED units are powered by non-dim circuits. However, there is no parameter in the patch profile for any of our lighting fixtures to tell it the circuit number. We currently have Macros set up to run at top of show and end of show to park and unpark, respectively, the power supply circuits. 

My question is: is there any way to map my LED units to the addresses of the circuit that is powering them?

For example: channels 41-56 are Vivid11s. Channels 41-44 are powered by circuit/address 202, channels 45-48 to 204, etc. Is there a way to map channel 41-44 to address 202 so that I can park their power circuit at full?

Thanks for any help!