Element Gobo Index / Rotation issues

I'm experiencing a few issues with Martin MAC Quantum profiles from an Element running Eos 2.8

If a select a fixture and open the Moving Light Control window I can index a gobo using the parameter wheel on adjacent, however if I select to rotate the parameter wheel disappears.

The only work around I've found is to either manually select the attribute and type a value around 32000, or pick up the iRFR app and adjust it from there.

Similarly, there is no wheel to control the prism rotate speed.

Another issue, if you have gobo rotate selected, you're able to switch between gobos, but gobo position 1 disappears. Rotation has to be stopped first in order to select gobo position 1 (open).

There are some solutions online which appear to resolve similar issues on other Eos consoles, but as Element has no encoders to page this doesn't help!