2.8 and full screen magic sheets with start up macro

I've made a show file with 2.8 that has a snapshot of four full screen magic sheets, 1 per monitor.  If I recall this snapshot while the show is running it works fine, but if i recall it with a start-up macro it freezes our Gio during start up.

On start up we get past the shell, after that it will show the Gio splash screen momentarily then we see the shell buttons again, all are greyed out except shutdown but none are responsive. If I add a 1 second wait time to the start up macro it all works fine.  

Anyone else experiencing this?

  • This is absolutely a bug and has been recorded as EOS-48357. It will be fixed in a future release.

    A workaround is to place a 1 second delay at the start of the macro which should allow it to function as a startup macro.