Eos 2.8 Sub Hold issue

since updating to 2.8 if I make a dwell time in a sub to "hold" it does not appear to be holding when either my magic sheet button or the sub bump button is activated. Is anyone else having this issue? 

  • seeing that with a magic sheet button too. don't have actual sub buttons, but in virtual fader tab (Tab 28) it works correctly.

  • The bump is working for me on a Gio @5 fader wing and a motor fader wing.  What hardware were you using to test?
    If the magic sheet button is a fader object that is working for me as well.  Are you using another button assignment on the magic sheet?

  • This issue with the Submaster Magic Sheet Objects has been submitted as EOS-48477 and should be fixed in a future version of software. However, I am also unable to replicate the issue with a bump button on a physical or virtual fader.

    A workaround for your Magic Sheet Object:

    • Create a new macro with the contents "SubDown 1  SubUp 1 " where "1" is your submaster number.
    • Set the target for your Magic Sheet Object to "Macro".
    • Set the target ID of that object to match the macro you just recorded.