2.8 "Frozen Screen" when keyboard pops up under fullscreen magic sheet when only using one display

While not necessarily a bug, I am adding this to help people who may stumble across this issue in the future. If you are in full screen with a magic sheet and only have one display, you can temporarily lock yourself out of your Magic Sheet if you hit SHIFT+Update (Save) and have not saved your show file previously. It will appear as if your system is frozen and you won't be able to close your magic sheet or control anything on your console. This is due to the save show file keyboard/screen popping up under your magic sheet. 

This also occurs if you go to label anything where the onscreen keyboard pops up (Intentionally or not)

There are two simple remedies for this situation. 

1. Hit ESCAPE, This will clear the keyboard under your magic sheet allowing you to leave fullscreen (Shift+Displays/F9)

2. If you have a keyboard hooked up, you can continue to type as if you could see what was on your display. Just check it for accuracy when you are done. Hit enter at the end of your text and you will once again have control of your magic sheet.