Astera Titan/AX1 CCT profile

Hello, i'm looking over the Astera Titan fixture profiles and i notice that the CCT parameter is 0-255 and there's no way to reference actual Color Temperature. Working in film production its really important to be able to do this. For example the ARRI S60 profiles all reference CCT accurately, so this function would be really helpful. I could build my own and replace the displayed values with the correct range, but i'm weary that they will match up. i will try this tomorrow, check with a color meter, and report back. but as i understand CCT, it is logarithmic and non-linear so i think matching values wont work. The Astera app control has full CCT parameters that are accurate. so they have the capability. 

The same goes for the other Astera fixtures i work with: AX3/AX5

As a gaffer and low level programmer i know that the first thing a Gaffer is going to want to see across ALL of the fixtures on set is accurate, predictable, repeatable CCT.