We just had a show come back through our venue... Their show file was ~the same, but our circuiting was all different.

While repatching, I had a bit of a headache using Replace, that in retrospect I could have fixed prior to re-patching by clearing things out, but once I started, it became a disaster.

Many channels had multiple parts, so as I re-patched, I used Replace, but that would only replace one value, and always the first value in Part 1. That got me thinking that what I really needed was a "Replace All" option. So [1] [At] [1] [1] {Replace} [Enter] will replace the value in a Part 1.... but [1] [At] [1] [1] {Replace} {Replace} [Enter] would replace all parts in channel 1 leaving just Address 11 in the channel.

Is there a function like this already in place or would this be a good addition to the software?