Importing ScanLibrary profiles into EOSnomad - specifically a JTL 260W BEAM MOVE HEAD LIGHT profile

I've successfully built a profile in ScanLibrary, for use in DASLight, for this Chinese Manufactured, JTL 260W BEAM MOVE HEAD LIGHT.

A) Has anyone already built a profile for this fixture in EOSnomad they wouldn't mine sharing


B) Is it possible to import .ssl2 (ScanLibrary profiles) into EOSnomad?

Besides the 260W, I've also built 10 sum odd profiles in ScanLibrary for simple, cheap Chinese 10ch PARs, etc and it would save me a good bit of time if I could import those into my ION console. Save even more time for this more complicated mover with ~150 parameters to enter and label, not to mention translating stuff like Frost = Diffusion and  Prisms = BeamFX Select.

Thanks in advance for any help/info.