Feature Request

A couple requests:

-The ability to add fixture profiles to macros while editing the macros, similar to how we currently handle adding lamp control options. I can learn a macro, but after the initial learn, if I need to change the fixture type, I currently have to relearn the entire macro rather than just deleting and inserting a new fixture type.

-The ability to query an address in order to select the channel which it's patched to. I'm currently trying to build some macros to automatically record submasters with fixtures that won't change addresses from show to show, but will typically change channels from show to show.

-Being able to copy and paste while editing a macro would also be fantastic.

  • On your first item, the trick with these kind of things is to put the variable bit (it the fixture profile)  into a second macro and make the main potentially really painful to re-record macro simple execute the other macro at the point the variable is needed.   I've not used this with fixture types but done it with loading cue lists onto the master fader where what gets recorded in the macro in learn is not actually enterable through the editor.

    Copy and Paste while editing a macro would be great feature.   At the moment the work around is to split the repeating bits out into other macros and reference them in the main one.

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