Macro to fire a Q in a seperate cue list


So I have a question which it definitely feels like I should know the answer to, but here we are.

I'm working with an Ion merrily firing video Q's on a catalyst machine using Midi Transmit. I've no problems firing the those cues side by side, they're just using my cue numbers etc.

We wanted to make a macro which would fire a "Shutters Off" or "Shutters On" cue for emergencies, and it seemed the simplist way to do this would be to create a seperate Q list 11 with 11/1 nad 11/2 being those Qs. We've successfully manually fired them from command line, so we know the connection is good, but that of course kills my LX state on stage. I tried a few different ways to have the macro fire the individual cues but nothing as yet has worked.

Is there a really simply command I've missed in the macro editor? Or am I essentially left with putting the list on a sub and manually bumping each Q? which of course is not ideal.

Hopefully I'm just so distracted jumping in and out of the editor as we're focusing that I've missed something simple.

E x