ETC Element Startup Macro

Hello, We are implementing a startup macro and a shut down macro on our school slighting desk which will control a relay board which switches on and off power to our lighting bar circuits. 

is there a way to copy these macros (number 1001+1002) to all other showfiles in the show file index? 

we have 3/4 years worth of past shows and events which we regularly revisit and use and I don't want them to be rendered useless if they're going to mean that the macro for switching power on and off will not be there... 

we often have unexperienced members of staff and pupils using the desk and we can't leave them with the responsibility of parking the addresses themselves. 

if it is not possible to copy these macros into all showfiles, will it work if we have a startup/shutdown show file on the desk which has the macros working. and enforce the rule that people must switch to this show file before shutting down the desk? i get that it would likely work with that show file turning on and off, but if you open on that show file, and it parks those addresses, then open another showfile, will it unpark those addresses or do they stay parked?

help would be greatly appreciated!