Recording Groups into Cues - ETC ION

Hey Guys,

I am attempting to record a group into a cue and then be able to change the fixtures that are in that group.

For Example:

CH 1-5 are in group 1

Record Group 1@FULL into cue 1

Now I want CH 6-10 in Group 1 instead but I want the change to take effect in all the recorded cues. 

I know some boards can do this but is it possible on the ION? And if so, how do I do it? 

I have tried a few different things and cant get it to work. The cue seems to record the channels that are up and not the group. 

This would safe tons of time re-patching channels.


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  • Groups are simply collections of channels. They exist to make it easy to put channels on the command line. They are not recorded into cues, as they have no parameter values.

    If you do what Tony has written in his reply, you will get the values from channel 1 copied to channels 6 thru 10 in the selected cues. This is probably what you mean by "recording the group into cues."