A wish: Networked wings!

So I got this idea yesterday that I would like master wings that are networked to session so it can be used from different desks in a backup situation. And Used away from the console with a easy way to connect it.

First the backup:

Example setup: A @5 as main and a Nomad PC as backup. To this setup I want to have a 20 motorized fader wing. Today I have to have 2 of the wings, and the space for it, to have the same access on the backup as on the server. Making cost and space needed rise high. With a wing that goes on the Net3 network you can have the same surface whatever the server or the backup is running.

Then the remote wing:

My control room is not next to the sound. Often guests sound technician just want some masters to run frontlight and some backlight. (Like a simple stand up act) Today I have to move the console just for that, or at least the Nomad and a wing. Just link up with a ethernet cable would be so much better.