Fixture Profile


So, here’s my problem: I have a 12ch DMX relay board that needs 12 DMX addresses.  I need to control two fan speed controllers with. Each controller has 5 speed and an off position that are controlled by a rotary switch so only one speed can be selected at a time each position of the rotary controller is a single pair contact, so the relay board will replace the rotary switches.

My problem is the profile to control it. Ideally it would be on two faders with each having the fans off at 0 and the 5 speeds spread evenly over the 1 to 100% scale of the fader with each increase cancelling the previous selection. I know that the non-dim at 100% profile will operate the individual relays, but this requires 10 faders and doesn’t cancel the previous speed selection.

Any ideas welcome as I’ve been trying for two day now with no success and to be honest profile building is something I don’t have a lot of experience with.

I don’t even know if this is possible to do.

Any help or advice will save whats left of my graying hair.

  • I would build a fixture profile with 5 Intensity values and then build a CueList that toggles between modes.

    Assign the CueList to a fader & you're good to go.

    (Not applicable on Element)