Element 1 Shutdown

We have a ELE1 on loan while our ELE2 goes in for repair. On that unit we pressed {Power} and then [Select] for a tidy shutdown from the keyboard. But the ELE1 doesn't seem to recognize that sequence. I have to get this over to the theater PDQ 

  • On Element 1 (If Win 7 based) you have to shut down using the 'Exit' in the CIA (below 'File') , then 'Shutdown' on the screen that eventually appears.

    When you get your Element 2 back you can just push the power button, wait a couple of seconds, then push the power button a second time to shut down.

  • Depending in hardware version of the Element 1 (there were different iterations of it) the button press doesn't work. In the Browser you find the Shutdown command

  • OK, thanks for the reply. That bit about the double power press on the ELE2 was new to me (we use Power then Select). In the meantime we'll use the CIA/File Manager "Shutdown Device Line" for ELE1.  ETC loaded this with same version of software so our show file loaded fine and is up and running  Thanks again