Scroller - insert color mess up text

Hello everyone,

i had a few scroller on my hand recently.

And after making a new scroller, i noticed that a color was missing.

No problem, i use {insert} ...

after insert a color and shift everthing by one color, i noticed something.

In [Live], if i go to the color-encoder, the labeling wasn't correct.

The color-field say "mauve" but it is a "open". The thumbnail is totaly correct. (the name it says is the one it has befor the editing)

I narrowed it down today. The color that is added by {insert} will behave wrong. And after having edited every color after the inserted color, so does the rest.

And i noticed today, after insert a color on the top and delet it directly after inserting, clears it and everthing is ok.

noticed this first in v2.8.3

tested it again in v2.8.2