Fixture broken - GLP x4 Bar10 normal


a few days ago i had a realy hard time with a GLP Bar10 in normal mode.(no MC mode)

No light would be outputted even though all intenses were at full.

  • I only had 1 - 2 minutes. Than we changed over to compressed mode and than it worked out.

With the struggled in my head, i tryed again on Capture right now...

It's still not doing any output.


If i use the 3Cell mode, it works (on Capture at least). The Job is done, so i can't research any more. Because i don't have the fixture at my hand...

What i can say is this:

The fixture in the Desk looks good. Checked it today. I also managed to use tilt and zoom at the job.

The only thing that wasn't working, was the intensity.

Maybe some other person can check again and figure something out.