Recall from not working like i expected


i have a bunch of fixtures and they are all stored in a preset.

Now i have to change some things again.

I ended up on make one chanel a reference and work my way from here.

So i hit

[11] [recal_from][1][enter]

While they are, at the moment, still have the same preset, nothing happens.

It pained me and than i had a slight thought.

[11] [recal_from][1]{only_levels}[enter]

But, i wasn't lucky again.

Still, they are at the same preset and even adding {focus}{beam} to the comand line isn't helping.

The only thing helping, is to record channel 1 to a new preset and and recall again.

I even tryed it the other way around, with copy_to ...

Not working eighter.

Am i missunderstanding something about recall?



Using v2.8.3