Element bumps channels up upon startup

I'm having a strange problem with my Element console.  Immediately upon startup it bumps about four channels on to FL without any input from the user.  There are no cues programmed that could be causing this and no submasters are on.  The level indicators are red as if they were brought up manually, but that's not the case.

I've tried running a Deep Clear and reprogramming the board to no avail; in fact the channels bumped up again as soon as I rebooted the board from the Deep Clear.  The weird thing is that it didn't always do this; it started sometime over the last year, and I can't figure out what changed about the board to cause this.

If anyone can suggest a solution I would be grateful.  It's a minor nuisance but a nuisance all the same.



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  • Thanks for the replies.  I don't think there's a startup macro enabled but I'll check.

    The idea about the channels vs. submasters is interesting.  I don't switch between the two very often but that doesn't mean someone else didn't.  I'll check that out too, although wouldn't the deep clear have fixed that if it were the case?

    Thanks again,


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